Saturday, March 26, 2011

Random Sketches around city 2

For those of you who check my blog, I'm sorry for the long delay in posting some sketches. Things were busy for me (traveling) then I was too tired to try and go out and get some sketching done.

So here are some random sketches I've done around our city over the last few weeks.

A set or warungs (little stores where they sell coffee and food) close to my house. They are closed today, but usually are open all week.

Some students at one of the many universities here in our city.

A random man at a meeting. He's not actually sleeping, he just looks that was because he is looking at a book.

One of our worship leaders at our service here in our city. He's VERY talented!

One of our favorite "getaways" when we feel the culture stresses creeping up. Istana Dieng is the name of it. This is the lazy river part. We are usually the only ones here… we plan it that way. The weekends are too crowded to go, and they raise the price for the weekends, usually double.

A local vendor selling Bakso (type of meatball in soup). Yes he is selling it off the back of his motorcycle. They can carry ANYTHING on the back of them.

One of our favorite restaurants, Hot Cui Mie. They have the best noodles in town (in my opinion). VERY cheap to eat here. My entire family (5) can eat here for less than $7.

Bre's (my oldest daughter) feet while we are waiting on the Orthodontist visit. She loves converse shoes. These are her newest.

One of the local street artists here in our city. I have been talking with him for quite some time now and sketching with him. He is extremely talented. Dedy is his name. This is his job. He's been in this same spot for 10 years now.

This is one of Dedy's artist friends that sometimes sits next to him and sketches and paints. His name is Andi. Another very talented artist.


  1. Hello Kenny,

    Do you live in Surabaya? If yes, I wonder if you know any urban sketchers community in this city?
    I'd like to be part of it, as I used to sketch, but lack of motivation of doing so lately :D

    Your sketches are nice!

  2. Thank you so much for looking at my blog and the nice comment about my sketches. I still have so much to learn, but I joy it. I live in Malang. I am the only Urban Sketcher here (that I know of). Here are two links where you might inquire if someone else is in Surabaya.